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Who are CannaBros?

We both got acquainted with cannabis in high school - and our experiences were about the same as most of our peers. How did it go on?

Over time, we became interested in cannabis for other reasons. We gradually found out how huge the potential of this plant is. We were especially interested in its healing effects on the human body. As scientific research on cannabis progressed, so did our attention to cannabidiol, or CBD. A substance that has long been in the shadow of the more famous THC and which, unlike THC, has positive therapeutic effects and is not psychoactive. Almost all studies that have addressed and continue to address the therapeutic potential of CBD confirm that its pharmacological effects are exceptional.

In the end, we decided that the top products using the highest quality CBD extract are exactly what we want to do. We used the experience from our dad’s business, who was among the first to introduce electronic cigarettes in the Czech Republic. But while e-cigarettes have gradually stopped entertaining us, CBD is a substance that we believe belongs to the future. And we would like people to learn as much as possible about it, and to have the opportunity to try to see if it will also help them with their problems. Just as it has been helping the two of us for a few years now.

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Kryštof Netopil


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